Essay Senior Picture Day

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Essay on senior picture day

As a teenager growing up most of us find things wrong with ourselves. It’s part of life, and it’s called growing up. In the process we do things to try to fix deficient emotional and physical attributes of ourselves. For example, in the story “Senior Picture Day”, the young girl pinches her nose to try and make it look less Indian. In this story we learn about friendship betrayal, coping with our bodies, and sometimes our perspective of perfect isn’t always that. Early in the seventh grade Michelle made a friend by the name of Terri, whom she must have liked much because she considered her as a best friend. Michele admired Terri’s life as Terri introduced her to different things. One of them was the CB radio. They played with it, looking for older boys, and they came up with cute nicknames for themselves, but that’s when Michele shortly found out what Terri really thought of her. Terri described her as having Indian features and said cruel things about her behind her back and that’s when Michele felt betrayed. Michele was at Terri’s house when she overheard her saying those things about her to a boy. Michele ran out in a burst of anger and after that Michele stopped talking to Terri, marking the beginning of her pinching her nose. There are certain things we find wrong with ourselves physically while we are growing up. For example, in this story Michele overhears her friend saying she has an Indian nose. She blames her family for her appearance and tries to change it by pinching it every morning. She says her uncle and grandfather and most men in her family have wide noses and by pinching it will look smaller just like Terri’s. In reading this story, we see that Michele wants to be more like Terri and live her life until she finds out Terri’s Life is not that perfect. When Michele met her friend Terri, she thought Terri had a pretty good life. Michele never mentions her house or her immediate family and states...
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