Senor Picture Day

Topics: Friendship, Fiction, Short story Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: June 27, 2012
Michele Serros born and raised in Oxnard California, growing up in a Hispanic community. At age 11 both her Parents George R. Serros and Beatrice Ruiz Serros unfortunately separated. As a young girl, Serros had many friends and accompanied with many interest upon school years. As her background continues on, it appears in her short story, Senior Picture Day.  In the short story “Senior Picture Day” by Michele Serros, Serros incorporates a variety of literary elements such as characterization, anastrophe and epithet.  Utilizing a bantering and satiric tone proving that growing up in a young girl’s mid-teens can lead to friendship, betrayal, moral values and self-consciousness.

    Michele Serros expresses her personal history into the short story, to give more detailing and more interest.  In the short story as the narrator points out her important routine every morning as she starts telling the history of to why she pinches her nose.  Utilizing characterization the narrator offers the appearance and values of her friend Terri.  “She was the first girl who wore contact lenses and four pairs of Chemin de Fers” Behind her tone her mood sets of the fact that deep down inside she looked up to Terri as if she’s her “Idol”.  Though, at the beginning, the narrator did not feel that she had to change, she did not feel that she’s different.  As the story progresses the narrator has changed her whole perspective on how “different” she seems.  The narrator went from a normal non self-conscious girl to a girl that looks at herself as a whole different person because of her pain that she has carried from the 7th grade.  

At first Terri seems very friendly to her friend and invited her over to talk to boys on Terri’s dad CB.  That’s when their friendship turned into betrayal and down falling.  At this point Terri has once again invited her friend over to play with the CB since she didn’t get a chance last time.  The narrator overhears Terri; she has already started...
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