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A Bronx Tale
A Bronx Tale follows the story of a young boy named Calogero Anello and all the activities that take place in his Bronx neighborhood. His father Lorenzo is an honest man and works as a bus driver in the city. The family is not wealthy but make enough to get by. While a young boy, Calogero takes a liking to a local boss, Sonny, and watches everything he does from his family’s porch. He witnesses Sonny murder an assailant and when questioned about the murder by the police, he says that Sonny wasn’t the shooter and that a rat is the worst thing a person could be. Sonny takes him under his wing and brings him to the bar and lets him bring drinks to the guys and plays dice and rewards him with six hundred dollars which Lorenzo returns and states that he doesn’t want his son to be involved in anything at the bar.

The movie fast-forwards eight years to when Calogero is 17 and he is seen hanging out with Sonny and his crew and is given the name C. C is part of a little local gang of Italian boys from his childhood although Sonny tries to persuade him from staying away and focusing on his schoolwork instead and preaches to him about receiving a dual education from the streets and school. C soon sees a black girl named Jane in school and begins to like her despite what his family and friends would say. He walks her back to her neighborhood but stops on the outskirts knowing he would not be allowed in. He asks her out on a date and she agrees to go. At the same time, C’s gang beats up a group of black cyclists but C does not take part in it. Sonny allows C to use his car to pick Jane up but when he arrives she has her brother with her and says that C was one of the boys who beat him up. C says a racial slur and Jane and Willie drive off. C returns with the car and his father admonishes him before he storms out of the apartment. Sonny confronts C and accuses him of planting a bomb in the car in an attempted assassination, but realizes C is telling the...
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