Essay on World Peace

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  • Published : April 13, 2012
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Have you ever wondered if world peace is something that we truly desire? If so, why haven’t we started doing something in order to achieve it? I’m going to tell you why: Because it doesn’t exist.

Peace has become one of the most important everlasting issues in all centuries, and it’s a concept that will continue to haunt future generations as long as we keep on doing nothing to make it happen. It is an utopian idea which consists of respecting each other’s beliefs and ideals. This means having patience towards others who are different from us, no matter what their skin colour is, age, ethnic group, sex, social status or sexual preference.

Currently, one of the most popular social issues is homophobia.

Homophobes, they’re people who will never accept gays and lesbians because of the erroneous idea of being “abnormal”, “against nature”, because God didn’t make us “that way” biologically or simply because they feel repulsed by the idea of two persons of the same sex in love with each other. If they really wanted to give world peace a shot, they would have to understand that it’s a matter of different tastes and points of view. It’s something as stupid as preferring red over blue or liking both. Moreover, it’s something that you cannot decide for yourself, it’s the way you are and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If there’s something imperative in order to reach world peace is that we must act out and it must start with us. To accomplish that, we have to feel comfortable with the way we are, the way we look and the way we think. If you don’t start by respecting yourself nobody will, consequently, you won’t be able to accept others as they are. Therefore there will never be peace amongst us.

Peace has to start at home. It has to be taught to us since we’re little so we can grow with those ideals, and not with the ones we currently have, those of revenge, challenge, greed and arrogance. As this would never happen by itself, we would have to live in...