Essay on the Poem Where I Come from by Elizabeth Brewster

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The title of the poem is where I come from and it has been composed by Elizabeth Brewster. This poem is a type of a perverse.
The poet’s voice is real because the poet is talking about a real life scenario. In the beginning of the poem the poet is speaking to us nut in the second part of the poem the poet describes her past memories. There is another voice in the poem and it is doing the same.

People differ from places to places because people are born in different countries, places, regions and have different ways of living and have a different attitude towards life. Two people born in same places will have the same food choices, they would like to live in the same environment and follow the same religious practices.

People become what they see and they learn from their environment and get use to that kind of an environment. People have different customs and traditions as they come from different regions depending upon the kind of the regions they come from. As explained in stanza 1 people who are used to fast place cities can’t adjust in a villager type of a lifestyle. People carry with them the smell of the kind of places they live In. They have a body odor that is familiar to the kind of places they belong to.

In the later half the poet tells us about her past memories and the kind of environment she was born and brought up in . The people over there were shaped according to the living conditions of the country and are brought up in a particular environment.

Now the overall summary
The overall summary of the poem was that, people will never be able to forget their past or the places they were born and brought up in. The poet even tries to tell us that atmosphere is a very important is a very important aspect of this issue as atmosphere can affect the living because throughout the year nature tries to progress through its cycle of seasons, atmospherically city life changes greatly.
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