The White Porch

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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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Adrian Guardado
Alma Alvarez
Formal paper
She’s a Woman
Cathy Song’s poem, “The white Porch” is about the a lady sitting on her white porch after washing her hair. As she’s sitting on her porch complaining about how long it takes her hair to dry, she realizes that she is no longer a child but a strong mature women. She spends most of her time cleaning and keeping her husband happy around the house. The length of her hair and how beautiful it looked gave her the illusion of seeing her self being that. Her long hair is described very thoroughly throughout the poem symbolizing her being a strong, beautiful women.

When she was young she remembers her hair not being as long and strong. Her mother would play with it and comment about how it was gradually growing, but she had no interest observing her hair.
My mind often elsewhere
as we did the morning chores together.   
Sometimes, a few strands   
would catch in her gold ring. 
Children tend to not care so much about their body features. They care more about child like things other than noticing their bodies changing as they get older. Although though she payed poor attention to her hair growing, her hair did grow very long and beautiful. In the poem, the author portrays her hair resembling the maturity and strength of the lady.

My hair, freshly washed
like a measure of wealth,
like a bridal veil.
Women with long hair are generally seem much more sophisticated, and beautiful. By having long hair illuminates the feminine side of a women. Song depicts beauty with the image of long luscious hair.

Throughout the poem Song uses various ways of figurative speech. Similes and metaphors are used multiple times describing the strength and looks of her hair. A metaphor used in the poem describes the feature of her hair. “So much hair, my mother/ used to say, grabbing/    the thick braided rope”. The thick braided rope is a strong rope generally used to tie up heavy and big...
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