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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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February 12, 2013
ECE 204
ECE Science: More Than Dead Leaves and a Magnifying Glass!
Author: T .Wright
This is a blog emphasis on how important it is that as teachers of young children, we should take the opportunity to provide our students with the chance to make discoveries, develop theories, and test their hypotheses. We must give them a safe environment with adequate materials to help them extend their understanding of the world around us.

I like what the article is about. Science is not just a set of experiments or a table in a corner. Science should be happening every day in most areas of the early childhood classrooms. In the block area, children are learning about cause and effect, weight, balance, classification, and many other science concepts. For example, the water and sand areas should be filled with items that support discovery such as eyedroppers, funnels, food coloring, ice cubes, spray bottles, soap bubbles, and sink and float objects. The article mentioned the importance of letting the children help you make play dough and clay as you explain the chemical reactions between wet and dry ingredients. Every cooking activity that you do can be a science activity. I like that idea. The author is very brief but clear at the same time on how science could be integrated or used in an everyday classroom.

Another interesting idea I discovered is how science have connection to literacy development. Science helps students with logical thinking, communication skills, making predictions, drawing conclusions, and interpreting information; all of these skills enhance literacy development for students of any age. This will improve their writing skills.

The author also gives some examples of how to use or integrate science in the classroom. For example by taking students outside and letting them explore and ask questions leads to having a sensory experience. This is very crucial in an early learning environment for a child and also for them to make...