Essay of Rush Limbaugh

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Birth control, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: December 7, 2012
It seems like Rush Limbaugh doesn’t understand how important include how contraception works for the women.

Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh was thrust into the centre of the debated re-ignited on Capitol Hill today when senators killed a proposal to throw out president Obama’s contraption mandate. And Limbaugh called the woman who was denied the right to speak on the controversial all-male conception panel at a hearing last month a “slut” on his show at Wednesday. The issue didn’t really mind but their heated up more today when Limbaugh took his comments even further by saying to Sandra Fluke (a third-year student at Georgetown University Law School who was barred from testifying by Rep because Darrel Issa deemed her unqualified. Issa said the panel was supposed to focus on religious freedom and Fluke is not a member of any clergy.) That he would” happily buy all the aspirin she wants to put between all of the women at Georgetown University Law School’s knees. The faith based hearings on Capitol Hill didn’t need to unqualified Fluke even when she isn’t a member of religious freedom because everyone is allowed to testifying on any proposal that presidents throw. Fluke spoke to a Democratic hearing spearheaded by Pelosi on Feb. where she was explaining about the need for birth control coverage. In her conversation; she was saying that contraception doesn’t only help to afford birth but it also helps when needed for some illness. She spoke of one friend in particular who needed contraception to prevent ovarian cysts. But Limbaugh, though, had a different take on Fluke’s testimony. On his show on Wednesday, he suggested that the reason Fluke cannot afford birth control is because she is having too much sex and agrees that Obama should provide them. Limbaugh is continuing saying that “Sandra Fluke who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex, what does that makes her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes...
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