Chris Christie Essay

Topics: United States, New Jersey, Political philosophy Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: March 12, 2012
At the end of the first decade of the twentieth century, both the United States and global economy plunged into crisis. During the prosperity, authorities of each country try not to disturb the economy. On the other hand, over recession, those authorities try different ways to strengthen the economy. Governor of New Jersey, seen through the eyes of Matt Bai, in “How Chris Christie Did His Homework”, and David Leonhardt in his article: “Union Contracts, Not Pay, Are States’ Problem” presents their “toolkits” how to fix the economy. As a United States citizen, who grew up in a different country and came to Land of Liberty with shaped economical view, I agree with Christie’s and Leonhardt’s ideas, aimed at cut unnecessary benefits, decentralization of power, and eliminate irrational expenditure.

As history shows, economy of each country after a period of prosperity turns into recession and vice versa. Time of recession, irrespective of the political system, is the hardest period for authorities. They have to go with the general dissatisfaction of public and must make difficult decisions that may be hard to accept for majority of citizens. Governor Chris Christie and David Leonhardt in his article: “Union Contracts, Not Pay, Are States’ Problem” demonstrate necessary, but hard to accept by most part of the society “toolkits’ to cure broken budgets of New Jersey and the United States. Cutting benefits, decentralization of power and eliminating irrational expenditure is the most effective way to get out of recession. And this is how to do it.
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