Obstacle to Deficit Cutting: a Nation on Entitlements

Topics: Great Depression, Unemployment, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: April 25, 2013
“Obstacle to Deficit Cutting: A Nation on Entitlements”

Due to today’s economy, more and more Americans are forced into financial strain causing to rely heavily on government benefits in order to make it day to day. This article provides a great deal of insight into the financial problems that Americans are faced with daily. Some benefits explained in the article that Americans have to rely on include unemployment benefits, social security, subsidized housing, and other benefits provided by the government (Murray, 2010). The biggest concern with what some deem as “handouts” is the debt incurred by the government and the financial strain that will be placed on taxpayers to relieve America of the debt.

The article outlines government assistance funding beginning with the New Deal that was implemented by President Franklin Roosevelt. The offer of benefits that many Americans are able to thrive on dates back to the 1930s. Since the implementation of such plans, the government has incurred a great deal of debt and such debt has caused financial strain on taxpayers who are faced with struggling to survive during a recession. Many Americans are forced out of the labor market due to layoffs, businesses not being able to thrive during difficult times, etc. These individuals have no other choice but to rely on such benefits in order to survive. “The unemployment rate is the most widely reported measure of the nation’s economic health” (McHearn, 114). This only points out that many are willing and desperate for employment, but for various reasons are unsuccessful at finding a job.

Americans are fortunate to have available assistance during the tough times. Such assistance has been around for years to assist with healthcare for the elderly, tuition assistance for college students, and income for the unemployed. There are many different views towards government spending, many of which criticize it to a certain degree. Many taxpayers question the...
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