Topics: McDonald's, Product bundling, Customer Pages: 4 (605 words) Published: March 20, 2013
8 P’s of McDonald
* McDonald’s product includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. * Also involves combo pack
* Concept of product bundling
* Cares for customer’s sentiments towards religion and culture * Halaal meat processing in middle east
* Separate cooking area and equipments
* Product Elimination
* Removal of beef flavoured products
* Product variation: Variety in product ranging from burgers to softies * McDonalds continuously innovates its products
* Product innovation: Adaption to Indian conditions creating the “CHICKEN MAHARAJA” * Menu: Veg, Non Veg, Frozen, Desserts, Beverages
* Successes: Fries, Happy meal, Pizza Mc puff, Big Mac
* Failures: fajita, carrot sticks, Mclean. Etc
* Policy which caters to Indian customers
* Quite affordable products
* Important to brand and its integrity
* McDonalds has certain value pricing and bundling strategies such as happy meal, combo meal, family meal, etc to increase overall sales volumes. * “ Aap ke zamane mein, baap ke zamane ke daam” this was to attract the middle and lower class consumers and the effect can clearly be seen in the consumer base McDonalds has now.

* Located at prime locations
* Almost in all big cities
* Offers hygienic environment good ambience & great service * Started giving internet facility
* Areas for children where they can play & enjoy with their family * Spend some quality time together

* Target customer – Children
* Promotion is both ‘above-the-line’ and ‘below-the-line’. * ‘Above’ is advertising that is directly paid for, such as TV and press adverts. * ‘Below’ is other promotion such as special offers, value added and competitions. * DDB Needham and Leo Burnett agencies appointed for the advertisement * Description of products on paper mats placed in the trays. * The placing of the pamphlets and...
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