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Many multinational fast food chains (MFFC) like McDonald's and KFC are opening outlets in India. A fascinating aspect of these companies is the intricate marketing process they employ to gain a stronghold on the market. The marketing process becomes even more involved due to the behaviour of Indian customer being different from that of the western countries, where these chains have typically been operating. Even with several outlets in various locations in India, the marketing process of a new outlet typically has to be thought from scratch due to the wide diversity across the country. Recently, McDonalds has decided to expand into Bangalore in a big way. Praveen Bose Bangalore Burger chain McDonalds plans to invest Rs 50 crore annually in India. It has already brought in Rs 500 crore of FDI on the 56 outlets it has in India. "We are here for the long haul," Amit Jatia, joint venture partner, McDonalds India (western region) said while announcing the opening of its Bangalore outlet. McDonalds is finally up and running in Bangalore, trying to seduce Bangaloreans with their offerings after conquering the people of 115 countries. The world's largest restaurant chain has opened its 57th restaurant in India and the first restaurant in Bangalore, at the Forum. The investments will be towards launching new restaurants and building up the supply chain. The chain has had to improvise on their way to India and Bangalore will be served the same fare as in the other 56 restaurants. So out goes beef and pork from their US and European offerings. It has added some Indianised items. The location at the Forum mall was chosen after a study of about one year. People from the chain studied the footfalls at different malls and then decided to set up shop there. The footfalls recorded at the Forum are 18,000 on weekdays and 40,000 on weekends and the licensee hopes to win over many of them. Now that McDonalds is here in a big way, how will it impact the Indian fast food chains? So far, various local chains of fast food restaurants such Udupi and Adigas are flourishing. But, these chains have neither the financial backing of a big parent company nor the marketing savvy usually associated with McDonalds. However these chains employ widely different marketing techniques, which seem to be worthwhile to compare and contrast. An analysis of MFFC shall give interesting insights on the effects of Consumer Behaviour on Marketing and vice versa. A comparative analysis of the two shall provide with valuable insights, which maybe cross-transplanted for better efficiency of the marketing process.

Scope of Project

This project aims to analyse the fast food market, with specific reference to India. We aim to profile the market, the kind of people who visit the fast food chains, the reason why they choose the specific chains that they frequent and what the brand means to them. We also aim to study the commonalities and differences among the people who frequent these chains. In essence, we will identify the Segments considered by the two chains, the Target audience and the Positioning strategies of these chains. There are two kinds of fast food chains operating- broadly classified into the those run by multinationals and those that are tailored to serve people interested in traditional Indian snacks. 1)The project will study the kind of segmentation that McDonalds adopts for the Indian market and how this segmentation differs from the one adopted in Europe and the United States. 2)The project will cover the market segment that McDonald's targets and in the manner in which they position themselves to appeal to this segment. 3)A parallel will be drawn with an Indian fast food chain (Adiga's). The project will cover the segmentation and targeting adopted by Adiga's and the manner in which they position themselves in the market. 4)Data would be collected through a structured market research. The data would be categorized under various groups...
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