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  • Published: November 9, 2012
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Mrs. Newman has been experiencing hoarseness and a change in her voice, but she did not seek medical help until she began to have difficulty swallowing. After being seen by her healthcare provider, she is scheduled for outpatient surgery for a direct laryngoscope to obtain a culture and take a biopsy. Mrs. Newman arrives at the outpatient surgical department at 6:30 am and is escorted to her room. The admitting nurse begins her assessment; 1. Which question is most important for the nurse to ask Mrs. Newman? A) Have you had anything to eat or drink since midnight? B) Are you taking any medications?

C) Have you smoked any cigarettes in the last 24 hours?
D) When was the last time you drank any alcohol?
The admission nurse completes the admission assessment and starts an IV. Mrs. Newman is taken to the operating room for the biopsy. Sifter the procedure, Mrs. Newman is admitted into the PACU. 2. Which intervention will the PACU nurse implant first?

A) Check the healthcare provider’s prescriptions
B) Monitors Mrs. Newman’s pulse OX
C) Contain Mrs. Newman’s vital signs
D) Assess Mrs. Newman’s gag reflex
After 2 days Mrs. Newman calls the oncologist and reluctantly agrees to a total laryngectomy. Mrs. Newman comes to the oncology office to meet with the oncology nurse specializations to discuss the preoperative and postoperative care. Mrs. Newman tells them that she is very scared about having this surgery. She says that she has no questions about the medical aspects of the procedure, but states she is concerned about how her life will change. She tells the nurse she realizes she need to have the surgery but is ambivalent and doesn’t know is she will be able to go through with it after all. 3. Which nursing intervention is most helpful to mars Newman? A) Refer mars Newman to a psychologist to discuss her fears about having this surgery B) Give Mrs. Newman literature provided by the American cancer society C) Ask Mrs. Newman if she would...
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