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Proper Hand Washing Technique in Healthcare Organization
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Proper Hand Washing Technique in Healthcare Organization
Evaluates a nursing policy and procedure
Proper hand washing techniques will help reduce the spread of infection in health care organizations. At HBR hospital where I currently work, the significance of proper hand washing techniques is emphasized over and over to all the health care professionals that work in the hospital. Hand hygiene is the key to infection prevention and control. Below is a step by step guide of proper hand washing technique enforced by HBR hospital. 1. Wet hands before applying soap.

2. Scrub with friction for fifteen seconds. Use warm water and work up a good lather. Make sure to scrub both sides of your hands. Scrub your knuckles, cuticles and under your nails. 3. Rinse with your fingers pointed downward. This way, contaminants will go down the drain instead of dripping down your arms. 4. Dry hands well. Use a clean paper towel. Use a paper towel to turn off the faucet. Remember: Always wash your hands and change your gloves between patients. Always wash your hands before you glove. Wash again after you remove your gloves. Alcohol based hand rubs are also an effective form of hand hygiene. (HBR Associate hand book, Page 68) Evaluates the RNs on the unit performing the identified procedure regarding what steps the nurses took and what ways the nurses deviated from policy. At HBR hospital, the infection control team sends some members of the staff to each unit randomly to privately observe nurses and techs to see if they are washing their hands after exiting from each patient’s room and also if they are doing it appropriately. The staff performing the observation is not at liberty to say anything; they are just documenting their findings. These assessments are used to evaluate the overall performance of the floor at the end of each quarter. I decided to perform my own secrete observation...
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