Esr Class Presentation – Week V ( September 12& 13 2011)

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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ESR Class Presentation – Week V ( September 12& 13 2011)

1. Cases for Discussion (David J. Fritzsche):
* It’s Your Turn (page 109)
* Kader Industrial (Thailand) Company- Case 10 (page 182) * Muebles Fino Buenos- Case 11 (page 184)

2. “It’s Your Turn” – Please answer the question in the last line using the following ethical frameworks: (a) Categorical Imperative; (b) Rule Utilitarian; (c) Veil of Ignorance; and (d) Act Utilitarianism.

* Categorical Imperative: If you have a contract with another party, fulfill this contract. No matter what. Especially if the other party is counting on you, because they should go bankrupt. Humanity: Fulfill your contract, moral duty. * Rule Utilitarianism: Follow through with your contract. Don’t abandon people/companies with who you have agreed to help/work with. * Veil of Ignorance: You have limited amount of resources, so you have to make the choice for one of the 2 clients. Keep producing for the old client, but use the rest of your capacity to start producing for the new big one. What if??? The domestic customer only signs the contract if you can produce everything in the first month. chose for domestic one, 2 happy vs. 1 bad * Act Utilitarianism: More positives vs. best negatives. Ok you make one party really unhappy, but still this is the most good for the most peoples.

3. Case 10: Only Questions 4, 5, 7 & 8.

* 4: Lock the doors, no safety regulations or fire escapes. Cloth close to electrical transformer. No alarms. If you lock doors, make sure that you can open them really fast at all times. Building disintegrated quickly (poor construction, steel beams) * 7: Business aimed, only profit matters…. Don’t look at the people as humans, but use them as machines. They even asked their workers to keep working while there was a small fire. Maybe even hostile, locking doors etc. * 5: Legal: Board, managers… should have safety regulations....
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