Gateway International Airport Case

Topics: Project management, Risk, Critical path method Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Gateway International

Risk Analysis and Scope Creep
Although there seemed to be a large portion of time spent in Phase II on schedules and detailed work structures, there did not seem to be a thorough investigation into risks, both inside the company and outside. The software engineers were working on a different product when the development began. This was a major effort for Teradyne and it did not seem to have been considered when development of resource needs.

The customer who became the most important piece of the project was not even mentioned in the early stages, nor were there any indications that the overall schedule might be changed due to outside forces. The company would be well served for a more up-front detailed risk analysis coupled with the appropriate contingencies.

In addressing the above customer importance, the scope of the project changed significantly in the middle of the project, this necessitated a complete change in the direction of the project essentially throwing the entire team into crisis mode. Although they were successful, the scope change was critical to the success of the project.

1. Compare & contrast Teradyne’s traditional project execution strategy to the approach it used in Jaguar? What was similar? What was different? 2. What impact did the project management tools have on the Jaguar project? Specifically, how did they change behavior? How did they influence performance? 3. What were the unintended consequences of using the project management tools? What lessons should Teradyne take away from the Jaguar project?
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