Ese Te Gjuhes Angleze

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  • Published: October 7, 2011
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DEGA: Finace-Banke
LËNDA: Anglisht
PEDAGOGU: Artur Jaupaj

Ese argumentuese

Tema:’Money is the root of all evil’

Ralv / Dallto

TIRANË, qershor ,2010

I. Introduction

Many people believe that money is the root of all evil. From money comes conflict,war,murders and all sort of evil things. This saying has existed since ancient times. Even in that time people believed that money had evil influence on humanity. Others think that money keeps the world balanced and maintains order.We come to the questions:Is money the source of all evil things? I will try to answer this question below when I will give facts and examples that support both theories.

II. Body

Before money was invented and later known by all countries as a tool of exchanging goods the world was peaceful and humanity had not so much lust for power than it has today. In that time amassing the most money wat not the main goal. Happiness and family were priority. After six decades people suffered the two greatest wars in history(World War 1 and World War 2). These two great wars were caused because the greatest countries of the world lusted for money and power and world domination. Millions of people were killed,others suffered greatly the wounds of war.Another example is the continent of Africa where in some countries war goes on even in our days. The main reason of this wars is not people’s freedom or human rights but to gain money and power through war and then to control the corrupted government which means power and money. One example is Mozambique whose president is Munhantapata.This president has an extraordinary wealth. He took his position through war in order to gain money and power. Thousand of citizens died and others were put to prison because were against his regime. Today it results that Mozambique is one of the poorest country in the world and only because the lust of one man for wealth and power. Another example is communism itself is a great evil and the source of communism is jealously that others have more money that they do.

There is no doubt that money has become too important in our modern society. Some people go so far they say we depend from money. It is true that money that has become very important to us but as we saw above money is also a tool for destruction and poverty. The greed for money is too high in our days. People go on illegal ways in order to get rich such as prostitution or other criminal ways. They use other people for their own profit. This wound exist even in the most democratic countries in the world. If we analyze it in details we come to the conclusion that the root of criminality is lust for money. Corruption is one of the evils that comes from money. Bribes are widely used to gain the favor for someone or something.Bribes to politicians are the most commonly used. From this entire governments are corrupted or worse destroyed which causes destabilization in a country. This can go as far as civil war. This all comes because politicians want to increase their wealth. Also in a family the lack of money causes high stress. From a research that was done in the Michigan University that focused on what causes the highest stress in a family. It resulted that the highest stress comes from the lack of money. This case includes mostly job disorders such firing from work of one a parents etc. All this come from money influence in a family.

We have discussed so far only one side of money the negative side. Now we shall discuss money as good thing from the world. If properly used money has the possibility of benefiting those around us. Money can help sometimes. For example a child with one pair of shoes could benefit from money by having a second pair or a man could feed his child better if he had more money. Money is one of the main reasons that the world’s technology has advanced so far. By investing money on researches and...
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