Escapism from Real Life

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Facebook is a social networking website intended to connect friends, family, and business associates. It is the largest of the networking sites, with the runner up being MySpace. It began as a college networking website and has expanded to include anyone and everyone. Facebook users can create a profile page that shows their friends and networks information about them. The choice to include a profile in a network means that everyone within that network can view the profile. The profile typically includes the following: Information, Status, Friends, and Friends in Other Networks, Photos, Notes, Groups, and The Wall.

The internet or most specially the Facebook is certainly a form of escapism for people to distress themselves. Besides Facebook, there is also other form of escapism such as travelling, alcohol consuming, binge drinking, watching television, collecting doll and dreaming.

Travel is a perfect form of escapism where travel as means to escape from their empty and unsatisfying lives—as if frequently changing their location would offer fulfillment. Whether it’s from a bad relationship or not, a job you hate, or simply a boring and sedentary life, sometimes you feel like you just need to get away. You can trade in whatever is making you unhappy for something different, even if it’s just for a little while. Seeing other parts of the world and immersing you in foreign cultures open up completely new avenues of discovery. Travel in itself can be educational, and can open your eyes in ways you never thought possible. When you’re out on the road meeting new people and opening up to new experiences, you may find that you are also slowly reinventing yourself or perhaps letting the self you’d like to be finally emerging.

Travel allows you to escape but sometimes escaping can take the form of running away. Whether it’s that bad breakup or loss of a job, sometimes you just want to leave it all behind and do something crazy, like move 10,000 miles away for a while. But if you truly run away and never look back, travel may do more harm than good. Escaping a bad situation is fine, but hiding behind the guise of travel in order to avoid dealing with that bad situation is not quite as advisable.

Maybe your sister gets engaged, or has a baby. Maybe grandma dies. Maybe a close friend gets diagnosed with cancer. You’d love to be there for all of these important milestones and tragedies; you want to be able to offer your love and support in person, and not through a computer screen or telephone signal. But, it’s likely to happen if you’re traveling for any length of time. Life at home will go on without you, and its one thing you just have to come to terms with.

Someone may start drinking alcohol or continue the habit because they want to escape from the reality for a moment of life. Escapism can be brought on by a variety of things such as boredom, depression, mounting stress or problems. For those who have been drinking long term and are borderline alcohol abusive, the need for escapism rises. Fortunately for those who are seeking treatment and living sober, identifying these common triggers and reasons for alcohol abuse can help them learn ways to continue sobriety and deal with their addiction. Unfortunately, excessive drinking only leads to more problems, and while you may forget about something for a few hours while drinking, it does not actually provide an end to the cause of stress.

By drinking alcohol, we are just avoiding the tension, sadness, loneliness, boredom or pain. But drinking alcohol does not solve the problem. Because the moment we come out from the alcohol effect, we have to face the reality. So, drinking alcohol is not a solution. It does not bring any transformation in us.

Drinking alcohol is a very childish and stupid way to deal with problems. It is better to deal with the problem rather than avoiding it and I feel we all have to be more creative in our life and pursue whatever unique talent...
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