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English 101
November 1, 2011

Two types of men

There are two types of men, one which is career oriented worker and one works hard at his job. Both types are productive members of society. The career oriented man is hard working and goal oriented, follows a path to better himself through his career. The man that works at his job, does his job, goes home and betters himself through his hobbies. Both types of man are desirable because it shows a basic level of responsibility. Also each type of man has a constant source of income, which also demonstrates a basic level of stability, as a trait that is desirable in society. While the career oriented man usually has a higher income then the man that simply works a job, the career oriented man is not held to a simple 9-5 job. The job worker usually has a more set and more consistent work schedule.

Each type enjoys vacation time dependant on the number of years they continue to work at the same place. Both types enjoy having perks of working, such as health insurance. The job worker has is often paid over time for hours needed outside there normal course of employment, while the career worker is expected to work whatever hours needed to complete the goal. The job worker is often a manual labor based job while a career worker is often an office worker that reminds behind a desk all day.

I chose these two types of men because I have been exposed to both types in my life. I often find myself contemplating which one has made a better choice. They both have good traits and bad ones, however they seem to balance out in the long run. It’s equally interesting for me because both types seemingly are happy in their decisions.
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