What Factor Contribute to the Success of Furture Job?

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essay about essential factors for success at work

In our society, everybody always has right to choose his or her own favorite job. Some people would like to become doctors, others are fond of being engineers. To me, I would like to become a teacher because it is a noble profession, which is highly respected in our society. However, how can we succeed in our jobs we choose? In my opinion, there are three essential factors for success at our job, which are being crazy about job, academy knowledge, and having appropriate characteristics with our job.

First of all, about having a passion for job. It is clear that many people ask themselves whether they have a passion for their future job before making a final decision. It is because many people work in order to satisfy their fulfillment rather than their wealth. Moreover, if someone chooses to take a job that he doesn’t like, he will soon be soaked with the feeling of boredom, thus he will probably work ineffectively. However, if he likes his job, he will devote his time to have his job done and soon get promotion for his efficient working.

Secondly, it is about whether someone has enough necessary knowledge to satisfy his job’s requirements. Someone sometimes overestimates himself and chooses to take a difficult job with many high requirements, instead of accepting the offer of reachable job. In most cases, he will only be disappointed after being rejected at the interview; in some cases, that person can get the job. However, because of his not having enough necessary knowledge, he will soon spoil everything and be dismissed. 

Finally, we must have the characteristics that are suitable for our job. If our characteristics are unsuitable for job, we will be sick of and meet with failure. My sister’s friend is in that case. Both his parents are doctors and they want him to follow his family tradition. But he doesn’t like to become a doctor because he is very scared of blood. However, he does not want to...
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