Equality Diversity and Inclusion in Work with Children and Young People

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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Equality diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people: Alison Brooks

Assessment of how own attitude values and behaviour could impact on work with young people and children. 2.3 All those working in the school have a legal duty to protect the rights of children and young people. It is important that you examine your own attitudes and values critically; to consider how these may impact on the way you work with children

Rigid and divisive views from adults can be reflected in a child’s choice of language and expressed beliefs about groups in society. Children soak up all information given to them and to atmospheres and climates surrounding them. The school must make sure that the children are surrounded with positive messages about their peers and their own importance in society.

Stereotypical assumptions can be overcome by finding out more about cultural diversity and disability. By finding out about the children in the classroom, their background, interest and abilities a more effective method of support can be achieved.

It is vital to raise the next generation with a strong sense of their self-worth. Therefore it is very important to encourage respect and mutual understanding between the children. All children are individuals and have individual rights; this is not the same as assuming that all children are the same. It is the policy, currently, to include all children in mainstream education so long as the curriculum can be adapted to suit an individual pupils needs. However there is no some thinking that this is not the best way forward, and perhaps SEN pupils should not be taught alongside mainstream pupils? This is something beyond the control of the school and would be set in legislation higher up in government, it is not for the teachers and ta’s or any other responsible adults in the school to discuss openly without causing repercussions. All children must be treated equally and included fully or to the best of...
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