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Topics: Motivation, Human behavior, Football Pages: 4 (1143 words) Published: November 14, 2012
EPQ: Motivational Song for a Footballer

In my project I aim to create a motivational song which will allow footballers to push themselves, I will do this by researching in football magazines, online articles and asking semi-pro footballers on their opinions to give me an insight on what components are vital in my song. Motivation is a process which controls a person’s behaviour to a certain extent, this may be in response to an occurrence e.g. Feeling hungry motivates you to eat something. I want to take advantage of this and use strategies to increase motivation and therefore drive performance. I would measure this by observing the footballers behaviour for example how he felt he performed, how long he/she lasted before fatigued, This cannot be carried out empirically because this technology is not available. Many footballers need motivation to perform well, if not they can risk losing their team a game. I want to be able to boost a footballer’s morale at times of need. Chris Carling quotes ‘In soccer, nothing can affect performance as dramatically as a sudden loss of motivation. Without the motivation to succeed a player cannot survive the challenges soccer can throw up.’ Liz McColgan, London Marathon Winner says “Competing successfully in any sporting event is as much about the mind as the body. I like to use music with different tempos to help me with my training - it's easy to get into the beat and helps you relax more at speed.” This tells me that one song cannot be created and named the ultimate motivational songs as many songs help motivate athletes in different ways but I can try and create a song to motivate footballers to the best of my ability. I started by reading a book called ‘Damn You’re Selfish’ by Jack Spades, the most important information I got from this book was that building friendships with teammates and thinking in a ‘us’ mentality instead of ‘me’ mentality is key for excelling performance. I will take on-board this advice and use I...
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