Exploration of Pastoral and Academic Support for the Learners

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Exploration of pastoral and academic support for the learners Explain the practice used with in your setting to establish the specific pastoral and academic support needs of learners Discuss the range of appropriate support both internally from external agencies to meet identified need Outline procedures used to enable learners to access support available.

A students’ wellbeing is vitally important. As tutors We want our graduates to leave us equipped with all the skills, knowledge and experience they need to lead fulfilling careers and personal lives. Creating a stimulating and supportive environment helps them to thrive in every way – from their intellectual and sporting achievements, to their spiritual development and social and cultural interests. Marland describes six aims of a pastoral care system.

To assist the individual to enrich his personal life; to help prepare the young person for educational choice; to offer guidance or counselling, helping young people to make their own decisions-by questioning and focus, and by information where appropriate; to support the subject teaching; to assist the individual to develop his or her own lifestyle to respect that of others and to maintain an orderly atmosphere in which all this is possible (Marland, 1974, P. 10) Academic teaching and pastoral care of learners are dual obligations that teachers must adhere to in the learning environment. It is important that teachers differentiate between their academic role and their pastoral responsibilities to each individual learner. Providing students with these ‘two hats’ will help encourage them in understanding their potential for wholeness and balance within their personalities.

I undertake several roles within the organisation I work due to my qualifications I can lead with my specific area or I can be the support helping with other coaches develop their learners knowledge of fitness and healthy living. For example when we deliver football coaching...
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