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ISO14000 - Environment Management System

A look at The International Standard for Environmental Management Systems guidelines, companies, and are certified in the USA & Oregon with focus on, Seiko Epson Corporation
3840 Kilroy Airport Way Seiko Epson Corporation
Long Beach, CA 908063-3-5 Owa, Suwa-shi, Nagano-ken, Japan 392-8502 562-981-3840 Tel: +81-266-52-3131 (main)

Quick Explanation:
ISO 14001 is a new (late 1996) standard for Environmental Management Systems. It was based upon the ISO 9000 family of specifications, so if you are familiar with the terms and structure of ISO9001/9002 you will readily grasp ISO14000. The key aspects of ISO14000 are that it is •voluntary,

flexible and non-prescriptive,
Can use existing environmental programs and systems,
pushes continual improvement,
encourages cost saving by integrating environmental requirements into the overall •company systems (design, manufacturing, etc.)
can provide a substantial market advantage.
More any anything, it simply requires a system that cohesively integrates and documents environmental impacts, goals, objectives, and actions. A primary component of the ISO 14001 standard is the "Environmental Policy" which must be defined by an organization's top management. This environmental policies must include a commitment to both compliance with environmental laws & company policies, continual improvement and prevention of pollution. A system is then created (or if already existing, documented) that ensures that the environmental policy is carried out by the organization. This involves planning, implementation and operations, checking and corrective action, and management review. The ISO Environmental Standards for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) are a series of completely voluntary standards and guideline reference documents which include environmental management systems, eco-labeling, environmental auditing, life cycle assessment, environmental performance evaluation, and environmental aspects in product standards. It is the focus on management" that distinguishes these standards from "performance" standards. An EMS help and organization to establish and meet its own policy goals through objectives and targets, organizational structures and accountability, management controls and review functions all with top management oversight. EMS does not set specific requirements for environmental compliance nor do these standards establish requirements for specific levels of pollution prevention or performance. According recent reports, there are 14,000 companies worldwide certified to ISO14000. 1.Japan (2,600),

2.Germany (1,600),
3.UK (1, 200),
4.Sweden (650),
5.Taiwan (500),
6.USA (590),
7.Netherlands (475),
8.Korea (460),
9.Switzerland (400)
10.France (360).

The state of Oregon: Epson Portland Inc. (Hillsboro), Mitsubishi Silicon America (Salem) OKI Semiconductor Manufacturing , Sony Disc Manufacturing (Springfield)
Community Involvement

Epson Portland’s continued success is only possible with the support of its community, so EPI tries to give back to and participate in the activities of the community in several ways. Philanthropic Activities

Shamrock Run
American Red Cross Blood Drive
Race for the Cure
Holiday Toy Drive
United Way Campaign
Oregon Food Bank Food Drive
Monetary Donations to several local charities

Environmental Activities
EPI Earth Day Electronics Collection Event
Carpool Promotion Month
EPI Campus Clean-Up
Road Warriors Highway Clean-Up Program
Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Employee Activities
Winter hawks Game
Bowling at Park Lanes
Adult CPR Training
Basic First Aid Training
Portland Timbers Soccer Game; Exercise Challenge
Men's Slow Pitch Softball Team
Portland Beavers Baseball Game
Co–Ed Slow–Pitch Softball Team
Halloween Treats

Summary: Community...
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