Environmental Awareness

Topics: Global warming, Natural environment, Earth Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: September 1, 2013
An advertisement of Samsung in Time Magazine (Oct. 4, 2010) says “with new advances in technology come problems that are growing just as quietly: air pollution, greater energy consumption and increased amounts of waste.” As man continuously strives to improve his way of life through technology, he becomes more and more unaware of the impact of his quest on the environment. This quest for a good life leads man to the unawareness that he is the cause of the destruction of his natural environment. Thus, his God-given privilege to have dominion over all creatures in the world has made him agent of destruction rather than steward to protect or take care of the environment. Now, man reaps the product of his irresponsibility. Mother Nature is taking a revenge on him. Climate change is swiftly taking toll on lives of people through flooding towns and cities. Global warming triggered by pollution is forcing seas and oceans to rise up to erase human life in low lying island as well as these areas near shorelines.

Now that the wrath of Mother Nature caused by the irresponsible activities of people is felt by man, everyone is pointing an accusing finger to everyone. The poor countries which first suffer from the effect of climate change and global warming are blaming rich countries for their economic activities and industries that continue to pollute the earth’s atmosphere. But these rich countries seem to be deaf exerting no effort to minimize activities destructive to Mother Nature.

To pacify the wrath of Mother Nature, to abort the ruinous climate change and global warming should not be a task that citizens of the world should relegate only to the rich countries and government of every nation. Saving Mother Earth is a task that should start from everyone, every ordinary citizen of every country. Everyone should be a steward of nature. Concern and awareness of the way to be a good steward of nature is already a big step that ordinary citizens should take to save...
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