Main Reason Behind Climate Change

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  • Published : March 25, 2012
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People of the whole world are responsible for climate change.Their ignorance is the main reason behind it.For instance, USA has been most widely seen as the counry having the most negative efforts on the world’s climate change followed by China,Germany has received the best ratings.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change agreed that the developed countries are mainly responsible for the current global emissions of greenhouse gases.Just for social and economical development they are ruining the natural resources. Industrialisation is increasing day by day only for the people’s need.These industries are threat to the climate as they dispose solid wastes,especially polyethyne bags and chemicals which are polluting environment.They set up industries just for their own benefit,to have more money.It is nothing but their ignorance.It is a sign of their ignorance. People are cutting down trees just for their own purpose.They cut down the forest because they need more land for making home,firewood,farming. So,numbers of trees are very poor and this is causing natural disasters such as drought,flood,heat wave,storm etc. Using of cars and fossil fuels are also increasing along with populationand the usage is causing global warming.Scientists have figured out — with the precise numbers deduced only recently — that forests have been absorbing more than a quarter of the carbon dioxide that people are putting into the air by burning fossil fuels and other activities. It is an amount so large that trees are effectively absorbing the emissions from all the world’s cars and trucks. Though most of them are educated but they are not aware of the upcoming threat.Most of them do not know what does climate change mean.And the worst part is that they do not even want to know.This is definitely their carelessness,nothing else. People of all over the world are not conscious of this major problem. Climate change is a big threat to the existance of human life.Their...
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