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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Nature is such a broad topic that 2 pages is not at all enough to cover everything that can be discussed about it. With all the forests, volcanoes, animals, fish, and other elements, nature forms a tremendously large system, which exists independently on the planet. However, the notion nature can be interpreted in several different ways; material universe, that which is not artificial or human-made, and part of Earth which is not human-made. The most common meaning, however, is the third one, which encompasses everything on this planet that the human had not altered or made. This multitude of living organisms, plants, and substances stipulates life on Earth in all forms. But humans, as the most intelligent mammals, destroy nature in exchange for science, technology and manufacturing. But taking into account that nature is the basis for all the living things, humans must pay close attention to how they distort nature and the extent to which they influence it.

The greenhouse effect has lately become a hot issue on the planet. Heavy industries and manufacturing have caused the atmosphere of Earth to become an almost solid layer that does not reflect the solar radiation back in space. With the proliferation of cars and other internal combustion vehicles, this layer is growing and getting denser. And instead of reflecting approximately 30% of the solar energy, the dirty atmosphere reflects it back to surface of Earth, increasing the average temperature on Earth. Since greenhouse effect was discovered, the average temperature of Earth surface increased by 90 degrees. Thus, human activity is slowly frying the planet.

Industrialization and urbanization has led to massive destruction of virginal nature areas. Building cities means destroying nature. Even though construction designers and workers plan to preserve nature, still the water, soil, and air are contaminated by the waste from urban areas. As nature gets more contaminated, the harmony of the fragile...
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