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Topics: Management, Afghanistan, Culture of Afghanistan Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: May 1, 2013

Subject: PAD 530
Campus: Washington D.C
Professor Name: UDOH UDOM
Student Name: Sayed Rohullah
Assignment Number 1: Rational and analysis for agency selected

Public admin manager and challenges in changing environment
Introduction: in these days across the world every minute the agencies are under building as well some of them are collapsing. Building and collapsing the agencies are relevant to contextual mismanagement and good management. No doubt that all those agencies will success and remain stable, their foundations are underlying to choose best strategy. Any way on the behind of each success agency the policy makers and good managers for implementing the strategy and policies are professional and well educated staff in conceptually. Also the collapsed agencies mostly relevant to mismanagement as well nor existence of good strategy and policy. This two above reason always faces the managers to be how to deal with? And how they should flat the challenges and changing the environment? In this essay I will assume the role of president of Afghanistan Over ten years ago achievements and challenges also his mismanagement. Over one decade the environment and its political situation changed by the U.S and coalition forces; the new interim government established and opened a new page in Afghanistan social life. The new government had to generate and pave the way for progressive Afghanistan which some of them don accurately and some of other had not established yet. Those thing that afghan people were wanting while the U.S and coalition forces entered to Afghanistan was stabilizing security, transferring the political power, school opening for children boys and girls, preparing the new constitution, and some others these all had don accurately.

Agency function:-
In the first years the problem and challenges was very huge and complicate due to over 3 decade of war conflict. All our infra and supra were devastated such as economics, disaster roads,...
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