Afghan Asylum Seekers in Australia

Topics: Refugee, Australia, Internally displaced person Pages: 3 (1269 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Afghanistan is a war torn country located in central Asia. There are currently approximately 319, 000 internally displaced people in Afghanistan. (Encyclopedia of the Nations, 2012) The poverty is extreme, there are frequent natural disasters that tear down cities and villages, (Refugees International, 2001) and the people are in continual danger of violence. This violence includes constant suicide bombings, ambushes, abductions and rocket attacks. In 2009 there were at least 12 of these incidences every day. (Kazem-Stojanovic, 2011) They are living in fear of their lives 24/7. Due to a severe drought in 2011, there is a lack of food and therefore thousands are suffering from starvation. (Refugees International, 2001) There is also the current issue of the coalition forces deciding to take their troops out at the end of 2014. (Amiri, 2012) Citizens fear that once they are gone the Taliban will regain full control again. The security is rapidly deteriorating. This is making it harder for the UN and aid agencies to reach communities in need. Schools and health clinics are being shut down in many areas where communities have been threatened by the Taliban to stop supporting the Afghan government. (Refugees International, 2001) Even the police are often seen as a greater source of insecurity than the Taliban, because many of them are linked to criminal gangs and are involved in violent crime such as kidnapping and robberies. (Kazem-Stojanovic, 2011) In this country, there is no safe place to go. Even the people you’re supposed to be able to trust (the police) are a threat to your safety. I don’t blame them for their desperation to leave. Their fear is so strong that people are paying up to $30 000 to people smugglers to come to Australia, (Amiri, 2012) only to be treated badly in a country that they thought would be the start to the life they deserve. For most asylum seekers, arriving in Australia is a major shock. They are met with hostility and mandatory...
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