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What is an entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is the implementation of every people using their own talent such as new idea or new concept to open their own business. Then, what is mean by entrepreneur? Entrepreneur not only just a business man, it also a risk taker and consists of creativity to create new things or bring some new things to this world. Entrepreneur will always cares about their money, because they need money to improve their product to become more creative. In my opinion, an entrepreneur must have a well observation and great interpretation of skill or knowledge to control the risk and financial. An entrepreneur have a spirit of never give up, they will not care the result is success or failure, because they love to enjoy the stress and problem. If every time they failure their business, their will stand up and keep on improve and improve their business and never give up easily. Not only that, every success entrepreneur will always said nothing is impossible, because everything must have it own solution to solve it. Normally, every entrepreneur is start from zero until become a rich man, because of their spirit never give up and nothing is impossible.

Profile of the Past: Personal Preferences

The things give me energy are listening K-pop music and watching Korean music show, watching Hong Kong drama, go travelling with my family, and lastly is earn money. While I watching Korean music show or listening to Korean song will give me releasing stress, not only that it is one of mine entertainment at home. Besides watching Korean music show, I also love to watch Hong Kong drama, every weekdays in the evening I will chase to see the Hong Kong drama. When school breaks, mine family will plan go to travelling. While I have a long school break, I will go to do some part time job, earn some extra pocket money. Doing part time job not only can earn money, it also give me earn knowledge or experience for my future job.

However, the things take my energy are do assignment or practical especially is programming subject, final examination and need to wake up early for the early class in the morning (8.00AM). Do assignment or practical especially is programming subject will take away my energy because writing programming code is one of difficult life, not only that is also need to solve programming error. Sometimes finish writing and solve all the error, generate the result out is incorrectly will make me feel very stress. Final examination also is one of the things very stressful, because final examination start, I almost every day needs to study until midnight. Lastly, I hate early class in the morning because every morning the road for me going to school are very jam and need to wake up early.

Then, I will make a ranked for my gives energy and take energy. The most important of the give energy of course is earn money, and follow by listening K-pop Music and watching Korean music show, go travelling with my family and finally is watching Hong Kong drama. For the most take away my energy and motivation is do assignment or practical, followed by final examination and early class in the morning.

If I got an ideal month, firstly, I will plan a long term holidays go to travelling around the world with my family. Of course go to travelling need a lot of money, so I need a stable career and high income per month in my next 10 years. If have a stable career and highly income then no need worried about financial problem for my travelling around the world.

Second, I will plan to buy a resort at a beautiful beach. Once I have holiday I will go there enjoy my beautiful beach with my family. Not only that, I also can plan to open a beach party invite my friends come to here enjoy a beautiful beach and chatting or gossip with my friends. Because after finish study, all will busy with their work and rarely meet, so open a party is one of the best gatherings with my friends.

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