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Role of the Entrepreneur in Setting Up a Business
By Osmond Vitez, eHow Contributor
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Entrepreneurs are the individuals who start new businesses in the economic marketplace. These individuals may start businesses for a variety of reasons, including working for their own self-interest, making more money, improving their local community or enhancing their quality of life. While entrepreneurs may face a number of issues when starting a business, they usually have the psychological resolve and positive outlook to overcome these issues. Other People Are Reading

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1. Facts
* Entrepreneurs usually offer the vision, goals and objectives for their start-up companies. Goals and objectives oftentimes are simple during the early stages of the company; goals typically include building a strong customer base and making enough money to break even. As entrepreneurs continue to establish their businesses, the importance of goals and objectives typically increases. Once employees are hired to work in the business, an entrepreneur must be able to translate the company’s vision and objectives to new employees. Function

* Start-up companies usually require a business plan to begin its operations. Entrepreneurs are usually the individuals responsible for writing the business plan and developing specific information related to the start-up company. The business plan is often used to secure external financing for starting the company and expanding its operations during the early stages of operation. Entrepreneurs may also use the business plan as a road map to direct the business as it continues to grow and expand in the business environment. * Sponsored Links

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* Entrepreneurs may...
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