Entrep Fair

Topics: Sun, University, Change Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: February 2, 2013
BSBA-MKTG 3 ENTREP 32 12.00-1.30PM MW


This years entrep fair was a bit different from the last and that is mainly being because of the change of venue which was changed from Ayala to Parkmall. I myself think Ayala still would have been the better venue because more people go to Ayala because there is more to buy there. In doing the Entrep Fair in Ayala we can also reach our peers in USC Talamban Campus and a higher class of people who tend to go to Ayala and would probably buy something. The enterprises themselves were a far better improvement from the last because there was a wide variety and quite very unique businesses. When doing an enterprise I think food should be disallowed because of course there is going to be an unfair advantage over the rest because it is cheaper and when students are required to purchase something they'd go for the food. The other exciting part of the fair was the appearance of Maja Salvador which was part of the SUN promotion and advertising. The students were really excited for her and weirdly it was the girls who were going ecstatic. I think most students went to the Entrep Fair because of her appearance and due to being required but thats pretty much the mentality of students and we should not be judged by that though but in truth we could be more enthusiastic about academic activities. I think the Entrep Fair was a success though because the enterprises did really have good and useful things to sell, though some were selling things most would probably only need seldomly but nonetheless to me and probably to the school and faculty it was a major success and for years to come it will continue to be.
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