Enterprise View of Data

Topics: Database, Database management system, Data modeling Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Every different database user have completely dissimilar aspects of how the see or interpret a database, but this should not be the case when an Enterprise view of database is establish since it should have a consistent and unique view to users. This attribute of the EVD – enterprise view of database is very vital especially when crafting a logically significant and steady database. The EVD concept is very useful in Database designing procedure and in conceptual schema design. Designing of a Database is considered as a systematized process that moulds data into a structure which is similar to the underlying system of database management model. Systems of database management are categorized into three main types: hierarchical, relational, and network. Database design is a process to organize data into a form which matches the underlying data model of the database management system. There are three major types of database management systems: network, hierarchical, and relational. In the network database management systems, which include Honeywell's IDS and UNIVAC DMS-1100, data will be organized into different types of records and can be represented by a data-structure diagram1 (1). In the hierarchical database management systems, which include IBM's IMS, data will be organized into a form similar to but more restricted than the data-structure diagram. In the relational database management systems, (2) data will be organized into a set of tables (or "relations"). In general, to design a database is to decide how to organize data into specific forms (record types, tables) and how to access them. Up to now, there are very few tools available to aid the database design process. Usually, the database designer relies on his own intuition and experience. Thus, the resulting database may not satisfy company's objectives and may cause problems in company's operations. Another related problem in database design is that the output of the database design process-the user...
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