Riordan Manufacturing Database Plan

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, Entity-relationship model, Project management Pages: 8 (3100 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Riordan Manufacturing (Riordan) is an industry leader in using polymer materials to produce plastic products with projected annual earnings of $46 millions. Riordan has plastic manufacturing plants in Albany, Georgia, and a custom plastic plant in Pontiac, Michigan. Also, there is a plastic fan manufacturing plant in Hangzhou, China. Riordan also conducts research and development at the headquarters in San Jose, California, (Apollo, 2006). The high demand for materials used in producing plastic products is very important towards Riordan’s development. To develop the current materials ordering system, a database plan is necessary for the use in Business-to-Business websites that will allow Riordan to order materials via the web from its vendors. This database plan will assist Riordan with ordering materials online from its vendors, increase its annual revenue and stay competitive. Database Plan Description

The database plan is the first step in creating a database for the tracking of purchasing, materials and inventory data while doing business online with Riordan’s vendors. This database will integrate with other databases, such as human resources, sales and marketing, and financial databases to make Riordan operate more efficiently. The database plan includes the following components: 1.Database plan purpose: This step will include the discussion of the purpose of the database that will be used at Riordan. 2.Project plan: The process of building the database is a project. The team will create a detailed project plan that provides tasks, resources, schedules, and a budget that is required to complete the project. In this step, Microsoft Project is used for representing the details of the project. Included in this step are communications and scope change management discussions for managing the database plan effectively. 3.Normalization of the database: This is a critical step for making the database. Normalization will help create table structures as well as their attributes in the database. The important task in this step is developing an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). The ERD shows and identifies the business entities and attributes. Microsoft Visio is used for visualizing the relationship between entities. 4.Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams: These diagrams will depict the logic flow of the new database system. The team will use three different types of UML diagrams to present different visual aspects of the new database. 5.A database administration plan: This step will focus on the solutions for Riordan to manage the database. In addition, the team will also include a database recovery plan for the new database system. Database Plan Purpose

The main purpose of the database plan is to serve as a guide while implementing the database. Riordan will use this database for ordering materials from its vendors via the internet. The database will allow Riordan to improve the way they order materials because it will track all the information about the materials used and needed. Through analysis material data from this database, Riordan can order materials for all plants faster to meet the requirement. In addition, the database plan also serves as “functional specification for the database after it has been implemented” (Developing a database plan, n. d). The database plan will also help define the scope of the database. Determining a good database’s scope is very important for Riordan’s success in doing business online with its vendors. Riordan’s managers, as well as key stakeholders, will base their decision to go forward on the database plan. The clear database plan will also be a base for developers and project team members to follow. Therefore, it will increase the chance of accomplishing the database project on time and within the budget. Project Plan

The goal for Riordan Manufacturing is to create a Business-to-Business (B-to-B) website that will allow Riordan to order materials via the Web from its...
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