Enterprise Application Systems Management”

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  • Published: December 17, 2012
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Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation”

International Finance Faculty

On the topic:
“Enterprise Application Systems Management”

Done by: Gabrielyan Arman
Group IFF 4-4
Scientific advisor: Matrizaev Bahadir

Summary: Management of enterprise application systems is here to stay. IT teams have to quickly embrace newer techniques that will enable such systems to be managed effectively. Central to these techniques is to capture, build, and make available libraries of reusable knowledge about the systems they have to manage. The framework of knowledge areas presented in this document is a starting point for IT teams to organize these libraries. IT teams should extend this framework to include areas such as security, disaster prevention and recovery, capacity planning, and service-specific reporting. Creating a body of knowledge that can be used for both manual and automated application system management and providing the tools to allow IT teams to contribute and collaboratively enhance this body of knowledge are the keys to taming the complexity of enterprise application system management.

* Introduction
* Infrastructure Management vs. Service-Level Management
* Complexity of Managing Application Ecosystems
* IT’s Challenge
* Organization of the Body of Knowledge
* The Shape and Form of the Body of Knowledge

Current generation application systems are complex ecosystems—the various applications within the ecosystem have many interdependencies among them and are generally integrated at a platform level; they are not a collection of independent applications using application level integration schemes. There is a strong interdependency between business systems, IT systems, software systems, platforms, and IT infrastructure. As a result, a holistic management of the entire ecosystem is...
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