Enrollment System

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Chapter 1
The Project and It’s Background
Project Context
Nowadays computer serves as an important role in our society, most especially in school premise. Most schools use computer to help their students deal in our modern technology. However, population of the students continue to grow, many schools face difficulties in handling their enrolment in a manual process. One of the solutions in this problem is to change their manual enrollment into a computerized system. The system design project, that will provide the needed and storing information in a faster, more convenient way by storing file of the student enrollees in a computer system that will lessen the effort of faculty staff in storing files of each student every now and then. This information here can be viewed in just a second without worrying that a single file is lost. As student enrollees increase every year, enrollment procedure become harder to deal.

The proponents study focuses on the development of Computerized Enrollment System for Public High school to provide solution to the problem encountered by the school in operating its manual enrollment system. This has been done to benefit the school and proponents, but also the field of Information Technology in our country to create awareness about the computer based system in some developing areas. The proponents come up with the study entitled Computerized Enrollment System for Public High school to help the students and teachers who suffer the tedious and time consuming manual enrollment system. The proponents main purpose is to develop a software to improved the old and manual enrollment system for Public High school to manifest the optimum benefits that the user would get once the new enrollment scheme is implemented to design an effective and efficient system in terms of speed, of reliability and accuracy and to ease the enrollment system for computerized-based system effectively to benefit both the faculty and...
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