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Programme Title:

English Language Week 2011


The use of English Language in very important among the school children. It is an opportunity for the children to enhance their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills which are the five important skills pupils need to master. Therefore, children must not only practice it during school hour but also in every conversation regardless place and time. A consistent use of English Language will ensure pupils; at their tender age inculcate the essential skills needed. It is also focused to encourage the pupils all levels in school how to appreciate the value of English Language and how fun it is. Therefore, an English Week was planned to be implemented in SK Stella Marris , Kota Kinabalu.

2.0Aims and Objectives of Programme


There are two aims of the English Week. First, to make sure that pupils are aware of the importance of English Language as part of their daily conversations as it is a medium of interaction with their friends and teachers. The use of English can be in forms of reading, speaking, listening and writing. Secondly, it is to encourage all pupils to make use of the English Language in this school visible.


There are several objectives of these programme based on the activities planned throughout this English Week. Each activity is set according to the objectives stated in this programme. The activities that were discussed, selected and planned out during this English Week were action song competition, storytelling competition and spelling bee. In the first English Language programme, the first activity is action song competition which is basically only for level 1 pupils. The objectives of this activity are to promote the use of English in the form of singing and to also to boost up their confidence in front of the audience.

The second activity is storytelling competition. It is decided to be implemented to the level 2 pupils only. The objectives of this activity are to ensure the pupils improve their pronunciation and sharpen their speaking skills. It is also partly to improve confidence of pupils when presenting the story to audience.

Meanwhile, the third activity is the Spelling Bee. It is decided that all levels ( Year 1- 6 pupils) were to participate in this activity which the objectives of this activity were to improve their spelling skill and to enrich their vocabulary.

3.0Duration of Programme

The English Week was carried out from the 4th of April until the 8th of April 2011 until school session ended. The Table 3.1 below shows the details of time, place, teacher in charge and activities which were implemented on that particular week.

|No. of item|Date |Activities |Place |Time |Teacher in-charge | |1 |4th April 2011 |Action song competition |School Hall SK Stella Marris, |8.00-11.30 a.m |-Madam Rina | | |Monday | |Kota Kinabalu | | | |2 |5th April 2011 |Storytelling Competition |School library SK Stella |8.00-11.30 a.m |-Madam Sharifah | | |Tuesday | |Marris, Kota Kinabalu | |-Sir Murali | |3 |6th April 2011 |Spelling Bee |School Hall SK Stella Marris, |8.00 a.m -12.00 p.m |-Madam Masnah | | |Wednesday | |Kota Kinabalu | |-Sir Aziz | |4 |8th April 2011 |Opening and closing ceremony |School Hall SK Stella Marris, |7.30-10.00 a.m |All teachers | | |Friday...
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