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Test on English Language
Time: 1 hour Max. Marks: 50 ____________________________________________________________

Task-I (15M)
Read this letter from Maurice, who is on holiday in Britain, to his sister Sally in New Zealand. Put the verbs in a suitable tense, active or passive. Dear Sally,
How are you? We’ve been having a lovely time. We’re being very well looked after by our hosts. We (1) _____________ (take) sightseeing and we (2) _____________ (introduce) to some of their friends, who (3) _____________ (make) us feel very welcome. Last night we (4) _____________ (show) round a castle, by the owner! Most of the land in this area (5) _____________ (belong) to his family for about five hundred years. Apparently, the land (6) _____________ (give) to them after one of his ancestors (7) _____________ (kill) while trying to save the king’s life. Quite romantic, isn’t it? The castle itself was a little bit disappointing, to be absolutely honest. The owner told us that it (8) _____________ (suffer) serious damage during a fire about thirty years ago. When it (9) _____________ (restore) they (10) _____________ (add) central heating and things like that. So once you’re inside it (11) _____________ (not feel) much different to any other large, old house. But the owner is a real character. He told us lots of stories about things that (12) _____________ (happen) to him when he was young. He (13) _____________ (send) abroad to work in a bank, but he hated it, so he (14) _____________ (behave) very badly in order to (15) _____________ (sack). He kept us laughing for hours. I hope he will be invited here before we leave. I’ll have lots more to tell you when you get back. Take care. Love,


Task-II (7M)
Choose the right word from the box and fill it in the blanks in the passage. raises patterns credibility part featured unprecedented confidence recallclaims audiences implications pick market place aiming valuable viewers unique assurance trust connotations |

The effectiveness of advertising
People still enjoy ads that are creative and entertaining. But it 1_________ an awkward question: does it actually sell any more chocolates or cars? Although TV viewers tend to be able to 2_________ a particular good commercial, many cannot remember the product it 3__________. And for the most 4__________, they try to avoid the rising barrage of ads. Getting their attention is becoming increasingly difficult, because 5 ________are splintering as people are different kinds of media, such as cable television and the Internet. The choice of products and services available is multiplying, but at the same time, consumers have become more skeptical about 6________ made for products. In today’s 7__________, consumers have the power to 8_________and choose as never before. This new consumer power is changing the way the world shops. This ability to get information about whatever you want, whenever you want, has given shoppers 9_______ strength. In markets with highly transparent prices, they are kings. The 10______ for business are enormous. For instance, the huge increase in choice makes certain brands more 11_______, not less. And as old business divisions crumble, a strong brand in one sector can provide the 12__________to enter another. Hence Apple has used its iPod to take away business for portable music players from Sony; Starbucks is 13____________ to become a big noise in the music business by installing CD-burners in its cafes; and Dell is moving from computers into consumer electronics. ‘I am constantly amazed at the 14__________ level and sophistication of the average consumer,’ says Mike George, Dell’s chief marketing officer. If Dell changes prices on its website, its customers’ buying patterns change literally within a minute.

Task-III Read the report & correct the mistakes by rounding up the...
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