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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Have you ever been embarrassed to the point that you wished you could just disappear at the snap of the fingers? I have. Only my mum could have embarrassed me like that. My face was burning with rage; I could not believe that she had told them. There are only a few things in life which can make you feel as small as I did. Like everyone else, I was raised believing in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and of course, Santa Claus, but one way or another the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny eventually get outed by TV shows, friends, and even parents. Santa is different. For some reason, Santa's secret is very very safe... a little too safe in my case. I don't like admitting this, but it was the winter of my 15th year that my world was forever turned upside down when I went shopping in town with my friends. It was December 22nd and the glitter and shine were blinding at the local shopping centre. Christmas music streamed from every store and everyone carried handfuls of colourful bags and festively decorated packages. Walking two steps in front, I pretend not to notice the crazy woman behind me who is seemingly intent on humming 'jingle bells' and wearing her bright red hat, so of course she stuck out like a sore thumb. This woman was my mother. Just two minutes beforehand, whilst walking past the familiar scene of 'Santa's grotto', my mum proudly announced to my friends, that I'd been visiting every year since I had been born, without fail. Beaming like an idiot at me, I felt the world close in around me. My friends snorted behind gloved fingers and I was torn between upsetting my crazy jingle-bell-whistling mother (tempting, considering the circumstances) or nodding along like one of Santa's obedient elves....
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