Turning Thirteen: A Teenager's Experience

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When Life Hits you A human being goes through astonishing stages in their life, when they realize the reality of Things and change to the next stage of their life. For me this happened the 12th year of me Being alive.

It was early December, and the radio was playing those holiday songs, people started wearing their coats and kids were going crazy, but I in the other hand, was feeling sort of different , see for the past thirteen years of my life I had been living a dream, were I thought like every other kid on the block, and got amused by the same things, but now I figured that I was an adult , and the idea didnt please me at all.

The past years before this one, (well during Christmas, as you can already presume) I felt the Magic that it had to offer, you know like from the days leading up to the grand day, you feel this Anxiousness, because you know that your going to get what you have wanted the whole year, But yet you act like you don’t know a thing, and you feel the magic of snow and elves, santa, And the whole shebang. Your heart pounds to the whisper of it, and you think that it’s a feeling That will keep coming back for the rest of your life. Suddenly you turn thirteen and you lose that thing you called magic, and suddenly your in reality, and you know the whole process of things, and basically your life has turned into this depressing job. This is what I call my epiphany, because I grew out of being a common child and had turned into A teenager, and this not only came with just losing the magic and wonder of things, but also you Got more responsibilities and things got harder, basically your life turns into a total nightmare And well this is the moment that you have wanted all your childhood and well once you have It, you wont ever get your childhood back.

It has been four years since I lost that holiday magic, and to this...
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