English Eulogy

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English Eulogy

Me: Brett

Dead man: Sam

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Brett Dalton and we are here to celebrate the life of Sam. Today we mourn for someone who was a father figure to most of us helping us through the good and bad times. No matter how well you knew Sam he was there to help like brothers in arms.

As most of you will know Sam started off as a stockman, in the vast land of Mungindi. Rounding up horses and cattle all day long in the blistering heat was just what he liked growing up as a kid in the Australian outback. After a while Sam started to settle down and met his lovely wife Mary of 27 years. They bought some land in Mungindi and started up the detention centre called ‘The Farm’ for young adults who have had a run in with the law. I was unfortunately sent to ‘The Farm’ where I met Sam and Mary. It was horrible I hated it and everyone who was there but Sam and Mary were always there for me and I didn’t realize that until after I left ‘The Farm’ that they were genuine loving people who would help you and care for you like you were their own kid.

Sam had the ultimate love for horses and the vast land he grew up on and had lived on a farm for his whole life. He loved the outdoors especially dawn and dusk as he used to sit on the porch and watch the sun rise and set over the trees and watched the horses and cattle start to rest and made him feel like he was in a whole different dimension and he used to tell us kids all the stories of his life when he was a stockman and the adventures he went on.

Sam was a unique kind of guy, although he was laid back and relaxed like a typical Aussie bloke. Sam made sure stuff around ‘The Farm’ was getting done and if he had to be strict he would but he wouldn’t raise his voice or hit us cause he would treating us like kids when he wanted to treat us like young adults. Sam had achieved a lot in his life whether it’s doing what he loved in the early days as a stockman, to setting up a...
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