Romeo Eulogy

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  • Published : November 17, 2012
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Eulogy: Romeo
Citizens of fair Verona, today we gather here to grieve the loss of a precious child of God. Romeo Montague, a young man who was like a son to me, has sadly passed this realm. Although fate has already accomplished its deed, we can still remember the legacy Romeo has left at such a tender age. I first met Romeo when he was just a little child, born in a society absorbed in hatred. Romeo had a good life but was lonely. His parents did not have the time or energy to look after him and show him the attention he deserved. I often saw him wondering the streets at night misbehaving. Once I saw him steal a loaf of bread of his best friend Benvolio. As Benvolio treated him with insults, I came along and paid for that loaf of bread and took him back to my cell to teach him some life lessons. There, I taught him how to act properly, how to treat everyone fairly and with equality and how to live life in peace. I taught him to disregard this conflict and always acquire new friends not enemies.

As life went on I began to see a young arrogant boy turn into a gentle young man. One day Romeo visited me wanting some advice, he was love sick. He was depressed that a young woman known by the name Rosaline resisted his love and decided to become a nun. I counselled Romeo and advised him and his dear friends Mercutio and Benvolio helped him seek other woman in Verona. Before long, Romeo returned to me to give me the words he was in love once again. But this time I knew this love was real. The words he used to describe Juliet and their love for each was so deep and loyal that I was jealous, jealous that he had found the one for him yet he is a lot younger than me. Romeo bugged me till I gave in to marry him and his Juliet, the only reason I gave in was because I purely believed that they were in love. Romeo was a very persistent but he was always determined and a caring and I knew him for that. When Romeo was banished I was devastated and when Juliet came to me...
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