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1) Specific or micro environment is an external force that has a direct and immediate impact on the organization. Generally, micro environment consists of customer, supplier, competitor, new entrant and substitute goods. In this case, Jet star’s specific environment consists of customers, suppliers and competitor. Customer is people who receives goods and services that are produced by supplier and ability to choose which of the product they want to use. According to the article, we know that there is an increasing number of corporate travelers from 400 companies and multinationals alone in Singapore who use the airline continuously. Chong Phit Lan (the CEO) also mentioned strong competition exist in the market result in competitive fare and this will benefit the consumer who uses the airline. From the article, customers are still willing to fly with Jetstar even though the A (H1N1) influenza is out there.

2)SWOT analysis is an analysis on the organization’s strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It consists of external and internal analysis, the purpose of SWOT analysis is to come out a strategies that use the strengths and opportunities of an organization wisely and effectively, correct weaknesses and prepare organization for threats. There are many strengths and weaknesses in Jetstar, one of the strength is that Jetstar allows customer to change the time of the air tickets for the first time for free, this distinguish from its competitor which will attract more customer to fly using Jetstar. According to the article, beginning of August, 2009, Jetstar offers interlining for passengers form and to Qantas, Jetstar Australia and Jester Pacific. This provide a seamless ticketing offering for airline customers on all the Jetstar Asia’s market. Although, Jetstar seem to have many strengths it also have it weaknesses. For example, Jetstar Asia has to contend with growth from its existing business regardless there are increasing flights from...
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