Topics: Sibling, Emotion, Family Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Both poems consist of the love and relationship between siblings. Brothers explain how a childhood memory had affected their future relationship. Whereas Sister Maude is more about rivalry between two sisters and a lover. Both poems talk and show how sibling’s relationships aren’t always how you think they are. Sister Maude tells a story of how jealousy from her sister destroyed her true love. “Oh who but Maude, my sister Maude” This suggests that her sister is dwelling on the past, which conveys a lot of emotions, such as: shock, hatred, betrayal and more. In addition, the speaker then goes on to say “But Sister Maude shall get no sleep” Later on in the poet, the feelings of disappoint and betrayal occurs more through the words of the sister. The sister tells Sister Maude your life will never be in peace. This shows that the commotion caused between two sisters may never be resolved. On the other hand, Brothers explores the difficult relationship between two sibling brothers. The poem is very reflective, retrieving the past events that have happened in their relationship, this is focused in the beginning of the poem, showing the emotional distance between both brothers. “Saddled with you for the afternoon, me and Paul” The word ‘Saddled’ suggests that his little brother is weighing him down, the feeling of being ‘saddled’ with the responsibility for another human being suggest there might be some annoyance having to look after a younger sibling. In the conclusion both poems are very different from each other, but both convey the same family related problems with their siblings. Guilt, regret and frustration are some of the feelings shown in both poems, showing the unhappy event in the sibling relationships. In context, Andrew Forster usually refers his poems to everyday objects and experiences, this is shown in Brothers. The thought of “ambled” “wind milled and “spouting” are some of the words he uses to describe feelings or movements. Also In context, Sister...
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