Topics: Sectarianism, Violence, Terrorism Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Defining Terrorism:

Pakistan Police MagazineDefining the meaning of Terrorism is not as simple today as this word appears to be. Once it was defined as “an organized system of intimidation or the practice of using violence to obtain political demands”. But in this present world it has become a complex phenomenon where terrorists are using different tactics of terrorism and different types of terrorist activities like suicide bombing, mass murders, burglaries, arson, kidnapping or hijacking and torture of the worst order. And there are always some limited causes behind all such kinds of terrorism which encompass Religious imposition, Social imbalances, political denials, ethnic emotions and economic dispossessions and deprivations. Such are certain major reasons of Terrorism in any part or country of this universe and likewise is in Pakistan.

Causes of Terrorism in Pakistan:

Pakistanhas been afflicted by this worse form of social malice for more than 65 years. It changed its forms and with the passage of time became more lethal and frightening. The religious intolerance, political mistrust and instability, military interventions, partial economic policies, myopic visionary policies, ethnic, regional and lingual prejudices let the flame of terrorism flared up in full swing which resulted in economic instability, trust deficit among different social factions and sense of instability among the masses of Pakistan.

Religious Fundamentalism in Pakistan:

Once it had been a limited circumference but today its menace it creating shivering affects on the society of Pakistan. This social curse has been multiplied especially for last two decades. The proxy war of Russian war in Afghanistan brought fire in Pakistan. It brought the flare of religious fundamentalism, intolerance and extreme prejudices among different religious sects and factions. Being a heterogeneous society, it was not affordable for Pakistan that a single theology could have complete domination...
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