Engl 105w - Argument Through Dialogue

Topics: Athenian democracy, Athens, Rape Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Lucius: Please listen to me! As being a representative of Olynthian community, don’t kick us out of this place. I am aware that Olynthus had defeated and even though we have Athenian citizenship, and living here, we are still Olynthian to you. But we have been putting a lot of effort to build this little shelter for Olynthian. I heard that you are accusing Marcus for provoking an assembly. We absolutely know the law that whoever causes a gathering and assembly will put to death. I can promise you that he didn’t gather the assembly. Cleon: As being a representative of Athenians let me talk to you. I don’t care who you are and whether you know Marcus? Whoever the Olynthian father is. It is certain that he gathered the assembly and set a fire to the house. We have lost our 10 Athenian youths from that fire. Tell us where he is so that we can put him death or we will kick you out of Athenian’s land! Lucius: I don’t know where he is. And you are not the only one who heard about this tragic incident. You said that you lost your boys, but Marcus’ son is dead too. And why are you accusing Marcus that he gathered assembly? Cleon: Cadmas told us that the assembly was gathered by Marcus and he was invited to the party. Lucius: Cadmas? The famous debauched boy? I do not trust any word from him. Cleon: Did you call Cadmas as a debauched boy? What about Marcus? Is there any father that let his boy behind and put to death in the house and fled away by himself? I think it sound worse than Cadmas or anybody in the universe. Additionally, you don’t even know what Marcus did when he was back at Olynthus. How do you know if he is more trustworthy man than Cadmas? Lucius: Well I heard Cadmas and also all the Athenians rapes boys for fun. How filthy and shameful is that! I cannot trust any word from Athenians! Cleon: Did you just say that we are filthy? Now I know why our honourable Athens worriers defeat Olynthus. I believe those fools never read the famous “Dissoi Logoi” about on...
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