Dictator and Austin Nguyen Richardson

Topics: Julius Caesar, English-language films, Dictator Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Austin Nguyen
English 10 Honors
7 May 2012
Anticipation Questions for Julius Caesar
1.Chaos results when the lawful social order is broken.
-Yes I believe that when lawful social order is broken chaos erupts because without control there would be no one to stop the force that is going against them. 2.The best intentions of good, noble people can lead to tragedy. -Some may lead to tragedy but not all because if the intentions of the individual were to only help it couldn’t create tragedy for someone else. If the individual was to help another person there wouldn’t be any tragedy because either the person could have been in trouble or worse. 3.Language is a powerful weapon and in the hands of a skilled person, it can be used to manipulate others. -Yes the way we speak can persuade a lot on people into giving you free things or be nice to you. With the right tone of voice and right word choice an individual would be able to manipulate and use others. 4.Violence and bloodshed can never have morally good results. -Yes bloodshed and violence can never have morally good results because violence can only lead to breaking the law or even death. Violence can lead to these because if the person who was to commit the crime had all intentions to do so.

5.Orderliness and stable rule, even rule by a dictator, are preferable to chaos. -Not all of the time because if the dictator were to be non-corrupt and able to defend and help his people it wouldn’t lead to chaos. The main time a dictator is preferable lead into chaos is when he uses his powers for the wrong intentions such as Hilter. Hitler abused his power and used it to kill hundreds of thousands of people.
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