Energy Crisis

Topics: Peak oil, Energy crisis, Petroleum Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: June 14, 2011
Energy is the basic necessity for life. But for energy no form of life would have ever emerged. We all know energy for providing us light and comfort. It can help us to cool down during summers and feel warm during winters. It also helps us to go from one place to another. All automobiles need energy to run; but even otherwise all other means of transport need energy. Energy in its different forms is the basic input for life. It is equally essential for the improvement of the quality of life. Energy crisis is defined as A great shortfall or price rise in the supply of energy resources to an economy. There has been an enormous increase in the global demand for energy in recent years as a result of industrial development and population growth. Supply of energy is, therefore, far less than the actual demand. There are various names for energy crisis- oil crisis, petroleum crisis, energy shortage, electricity shortage or electricity crisis. The reasons for global energy crisis are many. It can be the aging infrastructure, the disrupting activities at oil refineries, over consumption during the cold winters. In certain cases, accidents and pipeline failures also caused a crisis in energy supplies. Unforeseen attacks by terrorists, or certain political events like change in government regime, coup, etc, may cause disruption in oil and gas production. Energy intense economies of the developed world copied with increasing demand from rapidly developing countries such as India, china, Brazil is responsible for huge increase in demand. Plateauing of petroleum productions in traditional oil producing counties such as Saudi Arabia along with political instabilities in countries like Iraq, Iran and Nigeria has led to scenario where demand outstrips the supply. Non-renewable energy forms major chunk of total energy resources of the world. Coal oil or gas fired power stations produce electricity. Petroleum derivatives are used in transportation sector. Problem with non...
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