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6 Simple Tips on How to Stay on Task to Achieve Your Goals
Life will throw some unexpected curves in your journey. If we are not disciplined and have not the ability to adapt to unexpected changes, those unexpected situations will throw you for a loop. This race, called life, is not given to the swift, nor to the strong but to those who endure to the end. After I learned these 6 simple tips to help me to stay on task so that I can achieve my goals, my life went from default mode to design mode. The ultimate tip to staying on task is to have discipline in your everyday life. If you are not disciplined, you life will feel rushed and out of control.

Tip #1- Establish your priorities.
What are your priorities? What things are important to you, in order? For me, my God come first, family second and my career and business comes last. Establishing a list of priorities will allow you to have some type of discipline in your life.

Tip #2- Establish your goals.
Ask yourself this question, "If you knew I could not fail, what would I do?" Where would you go? When would you do it? For your goals to be dynamic, you must make it specific. Establish a list of goals for your Spiritual/Personal life, Family life and Work/Business life. Having written goals will help you to succeed much quicker than those who do not take the time to write them down.

Tip #3- Manage your time wisely.
Managing your time wisely is so important when it comes to accomplishing the goals you have set. When you know what your priorities are and have specific goals set in place, you must set aside some time to work toward them. The reason you do not possess the things you want out of life right now is because you have been unwilling to sow the seeds of time and effort to produce them. Respect the specific time you have given for a specific task and you will reach your specific goal a lot faster.

Tip #4- Establish a plan to accomplish your goal.
If you do not have a plan, then you plan to...
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