Employment: Education and Students

Topics: Education, High school, Difference Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: November 28, 2012
1. Describe the skills or attributes you believe are necessary to be outstanding when working in student support services.

You have to be able to relate and understand with the students on a positive level to reach an optimal outcome from any situation. Hillside Academy taught me when dealing with students with special needs it's best to go for an approach where you can talk with them one on one and get a better understanding as to how they are thinking, what would be the best possible outcome and what is the best solution to the problem without a non-violence approach. Students what to know they have the support of an adult faulty member with whom they can trust and build a positive solid relationship with and I think all these key factors help to create an outstanding student support service.

2. Please identify and describe any significant differences you would promote in a school which a majority of the students are African-American and Hispanic/Latino.

I would promote a program where African Americans and Hispanic/Latino both have the opportunity to learn about each others cultures so that the students have a better understanding of each other and point out the similarities in each culture so that the students can come together as one. I feel as though the two cultures don't fully understand each other as a whole and that creates a cultural clash. I would be fully interesting in creating a positive environment with the schools staff and resources to provide a common ground that will create stable relationships amongst the students and faulty members.

Throughout my years of employment working with the youth and previous staff members I have learned to be a good listener, a great problem solver in the most chaotic and worst situations, a positive team player and most importantly a compassionate and understanding person. I am enthusiastic about applying my skills which I have acquired through previous experience and I look forward to being apart...
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